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Equip leaders and organizations with a passion for Performance Excellence and impart the skills needed to drive improvement, growth, and sustainability leading to economic growth in markets served.
Inspired organizations of all types and sizes using the Performance Excellence model for improvement, growth and sustainability leading to economic growth in markets served. 
Tenor Global brings together Coaches from a wide-variety of backgrounds and professional disciplines to ensure clients' benefit from diversity of thought and experience. 
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More About Tenor Global

Tenor Global was founded in 2003 by its Principal Partner, Thom Norlund. Tenor Global is committed its clients’ success by designing solutions that out perform expectations and deliver exceptional results. Our client-focused drive is demonstrated in every client engagement rather we are delivering a half-day session or are engaged in a longer-term relationship. 

Our Principal Partner, Thom Norlund, has over 30 years of personal experience as a senior leader, leadership facilitator and coach, and in strategic planning, customer advocacy, process management and improvement, and using measures to evaluate outcomes and results. Thom’s professional experience enables him to work effectively at all levels of an organization, from the boardroom the front line. Thom has also served in a variety of positions within church leadership and administration, non-profit leadership, and board of director membership. 

Thom has served a Senior Examiner and Team Leader for the internationally recognized Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence and supported the Texas Award for Performance Excellence as a Senior Examiner, Overseer, and Examiner Trainer. Thom has proven experience as an examiner, applicant, coach, and award recipient and is fluent in the use of criteria and all aspects of improvement necessary to achieve world-class recognition. 

Tenor Global brings together Advisors from a wide variety of backgrounds and professional disciplines to ensure clients’ benefit from diverse thinking and experience when developing client specific solutions. We provide services based on a systems perspective where we consider the point of view of all stakeholders in the development of solutions and improvement initiatives. A systems approach recognizes the critical contributions of leadership, strategy, and customers when defining processes and employee engagement that drive results. We believe in measurement indicators as a means of assessing performance and for driving fact-based decision making. 

What our Client's Say About Us
“We presented Thom Norlund with our Presidential Q Award, our highest form of recognition given to fewer than 12 individuals throughout our more than 130 years of existence. Thom worked tirelessly to improve our business focus, forming strategic direction, developing employees, and implementing quality practices that led to our receipt of the Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence.
 -Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence Recipient

“We appreciate Thom’s patience and guidance as we embarked on a new venture. His guidance in defining and implementing a successful business model and in drafting our business plan guided us to early and ongoing success.”

"As a start-up business, Tenor Global helped to guide us through several early obstacles, including the development of our leadership system, customer-focused operating strategy, measurement systems, workforce engagement and performance management system, and documenting our processes and core competencies. Tenor Global took what seemed like difficult tasks and made them fun and educational while achieving quick results."
 - President, PW

"Thom has the ability to make the criteria understandable to everyone in our organization, from our Senior Leadership Team to all staff members. Thom is able to analyze current business approaches, align approaches to appropriate criteria and help define and deploy new approaches responsive to criteria and aligned with our business needs and direction."
 - Texas Award for Performance Excellence Award Recipient 

"We have utilized Thom's services and expertise in performance excellence since 2002. His strong knowledge of the best industry practices, solid approaches, and sustained results has helped our organization tremendously. He brings the concepts to life and can demonstrate a true return on investment. We continue to use Thom as a stimulus for continuous improvement."
 - Texas Award for Performance Excellence Award Recipient 

“For years we operated without the benefit of a forward looking strategic plan. Tenor Global helped us understand the importance of annual planning and now facilitates our Annual Planning Retreat. We now operate with greater focus and efficiency as we are able to focus our efforts on vital deliverables that drive our continued success.”
 - Non-Profit

“Thom Norlund is the recipient of our Pewter Mug Award, the highest recognition we give to our partners. Thom studied our organization, met with our leadership team and designed quality and process improvement training tailored to our specific needs. Our employees thoroughly enjoyed the course. There has been marked improvement in their individual productivity and greater efficiency in our processes.”
 - President/CEO