S e r v i n g   T h o s e   W h o   S e r v e   O t h e r s 
Services for Non-Profit, Not-For-Profit 
and Faith Based Communities

Tenor Global exists to coach, encourage and promote excellence within non-profit organizations. We understand organizations work as collective systems to provide products and/or services to recipients. We help you achieve sustainable improvement and growth by inspiring a culture of stakeholder-focused continuous improvement. 
We do this by building a passion for consistently exceeding stakeholder expectations and for using performance indicators that promote ongoing improvement throughout your organization.

Tenor Global has experience serving non-profit, not-for-profit, business, government, education, financial services, health care, and faith-based organizations.

Our experience enables us to bring world-class support to those who serve others.
Articles of Incorporation
501c(3) Applications
  • Federal (Form 1023)
  • State
  • County/City

  • Nonprofit Excellence - Principles & Practices
  • State and National Award's for Performance Excellence 
  • Board Design and Governance 
  • Strategic Planning Solutions
  • Employee and Volunteer Engagement
  • Employee and Volunteer Training
  • Process & Performance Improvement
  • Organizational Assessment & Improvement Plans
  • Performance Measurement
  • Project Management
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Providing Grant Writing Services for:
  • Common Grant Applications
  • Capital Grant Applications
  • Operating Capital Grant Applications
  • Special Grant Type Requests
  • Special Interest Foundation Grant Applications
  • Grant Tracking & Reporting
  • Non-Profit Performance Excellence Criteria (legal and best-practices)